Form Filling

Assistance in form filling -- immigration, citizenship, passports, old age security, CPP, housing, and more.

Career Counselling

Learn and receive assistance with writing resumes, interview skills, job search techniques and career counselling.

Blood Pressure

Book an appointment with us for regular blood pressure checkups.

Smoking Cessation

Find out how to receive tips and tools to help you to stop smoking and to break the habits.

Employment Preparedness

Health & Wellness

Our Services Are Free

Foot Care

We offer quality Foot Care through a professional Registered Nurse for diabetic patients. By appointment only.

Pregnancy Counselling

Offering compassionate support and assistance to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. This is service is offered in partnership with Pregnancy Care Centre.


Family & Youth Counselling

This service provides an environment, information and tools to better understand yourself, situations and others.  

Settlement Services

Information Counselling

This service is designed to reduce isolation and to provides you with confidential information on many areas such as women’s health, counselling, family support, crisis support and more.

Diabetic Counselling

Receive self-management tips, nutrition and healthy eating habits information and more.

All of the listed services are offered by professionals as Volunteers to help the local community and are completely FREE! If you would like more information about any of these services or would like to book an appointment call us at 416.208.5396 or email us at

Support & Referral Services

Support and referral services on:  housing, employment, child care, ESL, social services, legal services and more.

Grief Support

The work of grieving is about expressing emotion - some may be unfamiliar and unacceptable to self or others. It is important to find a safe place and an accepting and supportive person to work through all the effects of bereavement.